Abell Howe Free Standing Cranes

Abell-Howe has been designing, engineering, manufacturing, and erecting overhead material handling systems for over 95 years. Known for our extensive product line and engineering, Abell-Howe provides both standardized cranes as well as specially designed cranes to meet the ever-changing needs of the global market.

With an emphasis on reliability and safety, our cranes provide robust points for attaching trolleys and hoists. When used in conjunction with Columbus McKinnon hoists, trolleys, and below-the-hook attachments, Abell-Howe cranes are part of a complete lifting system that delivers best-in-class performance to industries around the world including heavy manufacturing, transportation, power, and oil and gas.

1 Bay System
2 Bay System
3 Bay System

4 Bay System

Width Dimensions

Length Dimensions

Height Dimensions

Hook Coverage - Length Dimensions